Our Story

          We are a conscious bohemian brand making an impact in the fashion industry with unique garments you will love. The Morgan Factory was first imagined by Nashville designer, Morgan McCann when she was 8 years old. We have established a way to mass produce slow fashion using the same styles yet continue to maintain one-of-a-kind pieces. All of our designs are handmade in studio by a talented and trained group of seamstresses. Each piece is designed using upcycled materials: repurposed and saved from the landfills. The Morgan Factory is not just a cool unique brand, it is a movement

           If you have been looking to update your wardrobe with one of a kind (OOAK) clothing, or desire to be more eco conscious with your fashion- The Morgan Factory is going to be your new favorite brand. We take pre -loved garments and directly turn them into wearable art. We have already saves THOUSANDS of clothes from entering our landfills. By upcycling, we also save countless resources and provide an ethical and mindful way of life. Are you ready to join #themorganmovement ?

           Each piece is designed the same way but still maintains a unique look. Once you fall in love with our slenderizing stylelines you will quickly become a ‘Morgan Manic’ and want EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. Our clothes will make you smile, dance, and most definitely have everyone wanting one. They can’t have yours.. well, because that is the beauty of OOAK. We believe every piece is made for someone in particular.

Which one is made for you???