XL/XX Red Lace Tunic

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- 100% repurposed materials- your garment will have a variety of fabrics and blends. No fabric will ever shrink or stretch! As if using repurposed materials wasn’t awesome enough!!

All designs are sewn, distressed, AND THEN machine washed and dried. This ensures the professional quality of garment. What you buy today will remain in the great condition -forever. You will be able to keep and wear this piece for years!!!

Buy with confidence and know our company is a sustainable brand.


We pride ourselves in mixing prints in a mature way, so you can wear The Morgan Factory to any occasion. The grocery store, to a wedding, around the house. You will be able to rock our styles so effortlessly.


Model is a SMALL. 

We love a train, however if the corners are bit too long, you can knot them up and let them down- SO FAB!

NOTE: you can generally always go up in size, just never down. Our styles are meant to be loose and carefree. (AKA comfortable and stylish)


All edges are professionally sewn. If there is a frayed edge, it is designed that way on purpose for an extra bohemian touch and will not alter the quality of the garment.


Who has time to hand wash? We encourage you to wash and dry your garment in the machine!!! Cold water, low heat. Try to use a conscious detergent ;)

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