What payments do you accept?

We take debit cards, credit cards, and Afterpay which allows you to make payments on your purchase.

Do you ship internationally?


How long can I expect my package after I place my order?

We ship every Wednesday and Saturday. Depending on when you place the order, you can expect to get your package in 2-3 business days from our stated shipping days. 

How do I care for my clothes?

They’re all machine washable. We suggest saving H20 & wait to wash after several uses. 

Should I expect items to shrink?

No. Items are washed twice before shipping. 

Where are the clothes made?

All the clothes are made locally in Nashville, TN.

Returns and exchanges?

No returns. Exchanges only. We also have a Facebook group called “The Morganites”. This is a community of circular fashion, where people post, sell, and trade their items. If you are unhappy with an item, we suggest you sell or trade it there.  However, we are happy to exchange your item after 30 days of purchasing. 

How do sizes run?

Please see the size chart

How did The Morgan Factory  come to fruition?

Designer, Morgan McCann has been designing ever since she was a little girl. After fashion school in 2015, she saw a major need for sustainable fashion. So she started  going to the goodwill, and cutting pieces of clothing and creating new masterpieces. From there, she traveled to craft shows and music festivals. Morgan has always had big dreams for her business, and last year she decided she wanted to take a leap of faith and sell sustainable fashion at the wholesale level. With only 7 months into the wholesale world, The Morgan Factory is now in 60+ stores nationwide. This is just the beginning. 

Do you have a retail store?

No. The Morgan Factory currently runs out of Morgan's house, and the refugees homes. However we are rapidly growing and foresee moving into a factory by 2022.

Where can I shop The Morgan Factory ?

Check out our store locator to see if The Morgan Factory is in a shop near you! If you have a local store you’d like to see TMF in, shoot us an email - we love referrals! 

How do I shop wholesale?

Please email info@themorganfactory.com and we will be happy to give you our wholesale information. 

Why repurposed clothes?

The fashion industry is the second leading pollutant in the world. Millions of pounds of clothes go to the landfill each year. 8% of the global gas emissions are due to the fashion industry. Not only that, many resources are wasted. It takes 7,500 liters of water to make a single pair of jeans. The fashion industry produces 20% of the global water waste. It’s imperative that we start using resources that don’t damage the environment when making clothes. 

Taking clothes that would go and sit in a landfill, and instead giving it a new life, seemed like the best, most sustainable way to do that.

Why do refugees sew the clothes?

A lot of people don’t realize that there is a person behind the clothes they wear. In most instances, it’s a very underpaid, often overworked person. Here at The Morgan Factory, we aim to be all-around-ethical. That’s why we hire local refugee women who are hardworking and kind hearted. They are able to sew the clothing from the comfort of their homes so that they can take care of their families, and provide for them simultaneously. 

What does transeasonal mean?

Transeasonal means that you can wear it all year round, regardless of the season!

Do you sell gift cards?

Not yet. However, most of our clothes are free size and make great gifts!