Owner, designer, and eco warrior, Morgan McCann is blazing a trail in the fashion industry. We asked her some questions about her career and future dreams for her brand.


How long has "The Morgan Factory" been in business?

When I was 7 years old I created The Morgan Factory. While other little girls were playing dress up with their dolls, I was creating and designing. I would create anything from stationary to clothes. I always told my mom "One day I'm going to be bigger than Hallmark!"

I've officially been in business for 5 years. I went to Fashion School in 2012 , and after graduating I put all my time and energy making clothes and going to craft shows and music festivals selling them. This past year I went to Atlantas Mart to sell wholesale for the first time. From two trips to Atlanta's Mart The Morgan Factory is now in 30+ stores in the US! We've seen tremendous growth this year. 

Why are you passionate about sustainable fashion?

Fashion is nothing without passion and intentionality. It's one thing to design clothes, it's another to be a part of a revolution. For hundreds of years our Earth has been robbed of Her resources. Now we are paying the unfortunate price. Sustainable fashion is not a passion or hobby, it's a necessity for the existence of humankind.

What's most rewarding about being a fashion designer?

The most rewarding thing about being a fashion designer is to hear the success stories of happy customers and how my clothes actually change their lives and make their day better and give them power to succeed and what they do best at.

 If any retailer could sell your clothes who would it be?

If any retailer could be selling my clothing it would be Free People or Anthropology. I love their aesthetic and "free spirited" vibe . 


You've already accomplished so much with The Morgan Factory. If you could reach for the stars, what would your ultimate dream be?

If I could reach for the stars my ultimate dream would be to have my own literal factory with sewers, cutters, and a big wash machine/ dryer.

A lot of people don't realize that I work from home. I cut the fabrics in my garage and then every few days I bring the fabrics to the refugees homes for them to sew. Once they're done sewing the pieces at their homes, I pick them up and start the process over. 

Having my own factory would make it so we could make sustainable fashion at a mass level and ship all around the world!!

I dream to make sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to ALL people around the world, and that my company will outlive me when I pass.

What's the inspiration behind the line? 

I love making clothes that people feel good in and can dance and have fun in. Clothes that embody a free spirited feeling.

I also love taking a classic piece like a blazer, and turning it into what I like to call "boho-business". A lot of my customers are industryl professionals and lawyers. They love wearing their Morgan clothes to work because it fits the business criteria, but has a fun element to it. 

What star could you dress?
Lauren Daigle, Kacey Musgraves, and Nicole Richie. They all embody soul, spirit, and spunk. And they're all beautiful!!!