As Thanksgiving approaches, it's common to reflect on the things that we are grateful for.  

While it's important to reflect on all in which we're thankful for this season, it's imperative that we don't forget the true history that allowed us to become American citizens to begin with. 

History books and social studies courses have turned what was a horror story to a majority of the Native population, into an American fairytale.

In 1620 the English settlers were seeking a better life when they came across what is now called "America".

Some Native Americans so graciously let us into their country, while others weren't so willing to give up their land to these aliens. This disagreement resulted in a genocide that killed millions of Natives. 

The Land of the Free that we live in, wasn't so free. Many innocent lives were the cost.

Thanksgiving to many of us is a day of celebration, but Thanksgiving to Native Americans is a day of mourning and remembrance. 

Looking back, I wish that we could have had a more symbiotic relationship with the Native Americans. Part of me is ashamed that so many had to die in order to call this place our home.  

Going forward, we can learn from our histories past. We were all once refugees. We can either use violence and fear, or we can choose love and embrace to those who are seeking refuge. 

Many countries in the world don't have the basic needs that we have: water, clothes, and food. Many people are living in the midst of wars, genocides, and famines. Many families are looking for safety, peace, and a better way of life. 

Rather than using judgment or violence, we can use compassion towards them. 

So this season, not only think about what you're grateful for. Think about ways that you can help the not-so-fortunate, who aren't as lucky as we were.

We at the Morgan Factory take pride in employing refugees so that they can provide for their families. 

Each purchase you make, helps a refugee and their family live a better life. 

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