Human Trafficking- And What We Can Do To Help
I don’t know why, but I have always felt moved by human sex trafficking. I grew up in East Tennessee and sex trafficking was never really a topic of conversation. It wasn’t until my adolescence that I discovered what human trafficking really was. I thought to myself, "How can this really be happening?"It was hard for someone like me to believe that something this cruel really exist. To me- that is one of the worst things that happens on this earth. I could not imagine being on either side of that situation.
I’ve always wanted to help in some way. I never thought that saving clothing from the land fields correlated with human trafficking. Like, how does that go together, I should be planting trees or something. 
I was speaking with my friend Natalia one day, and she said to me, "Morgan how does it not make sense? Do you not take used, worn, beat up clothing give them a second chance making them beautiful again? Is that not what these women are going through? Do they not feel worn, beat up, tattered, and torn?"
These are reasons why I love my friend Natalia. She is talented in many ways, but speaking to people is her number one gift. She is a one of a kind- rare soul and truly an inspiring woman. You can follow her here... 

Another friend of mine is Cheryl Brehm. Cheryl is a gorgeous woman and you might hate her for that! (Just kidding) When you get to know her- her beauty is just as bright on the inside as it is on the outside. And I mean SHE SHINES! She is a supermodel, a superstar, and she is passionate about human trafficking.  She helps in so many ways and volunteers endlessly. One of the organizations that she works with is End Slavery Tennessee.
End Slavery Tennessee promotes healing of human trafficking survivors. It’s really scary and cringing to your soul to think about human trafficking... and you might think about this only happening overseas. NOPE! Did you know that it happens next door?
Their website says that human trafficking occurs in every city, every county and every ZIP Code in middle Tennessee. Don’t be blind to what’s happening in the world we live in. There are a red flags and warning signs that you can be on the lookout for and they have a hotline that you can find here. Tennessee is ranked among the top 20 states for the number of people who are trafficking according to the National Humane Trafficking Hotline!!!! Don't believe me? You can read an article that was posted October 8, 2021 about 15 men being charged with commercial sex trafficking… Guys that happened just the other day.
November is my birthday month and I have talked about this for years and we are finally going to DO IT! Each day in November we will bid off unicorn pieces of The Morgan Factory, the best of the best. And every amount that goes beyond the bid we will donate! You can also make a donation through their website. You can also make a donation through this listing on our page and The Morgan Factory will match all of the donations that are made through this listing! YESSSS!!!!!

Happy Bidding! 

Love and Light,