Here at The Morgan Factory, many of our clothes are trans seasonal fashion pieces. This means that you can wear them year round

Not only is trans seasonal fashion extremely functional and financially savvy. It's also extremely beneficial to the environment!

By filling your closet with items that you can wear every season, you end up consuming less, and needing less clothes!

50 years ago, clothing brands were known to have 4 seasons - fall, winter, spring, and summer. 

With the industrial revolution, fast fashion companies created at tactic to push consumerism and the need to constantly update one's wardrobe - micro seasons

There are now not 4, but 52 seasons per year. That's a lot of clothes. That's a lot of resources. That's a lot of negative environmental impact

Fashion corporations create new styles rapidly, so that your current clothes go out of style. This encourages us to feel the need to buy new, cheap clothes, constantly. 

We believe the clothes you wear shouldn't just be worn a month or two out of the year. We create clothes that can be styled & layered for every season. 

While yes, fast fashion may be cheaper and more affordable in the moment, you end up needing to buy more frequently because of the sub par quality of materials it's made out of. 

Buying good quality, transeasonal pieces, are an investment in your wardrobe, and an investment in the environment!

So next time you're shopping and you pick out a piece, think to yourself "is this a good quality piece that I can layer, and wear for a majority of the year... or is this fast, fleeting, fashion, that is going to disintegrate and go out of style in a month?.."

In the upcoming weeks, we are going to be launching a series that shows how to style each of our Morgan pieces for every season! 

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